ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs will end in CS:GO

Tournament operator ESL has announced that the ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs will end in CS:GO. The company abandoned the decision to run the semi-finals and final of the tournament in Counter-Strike 2.

It was reported that the organizers did not transition to the new version of Valve's shooter in order to maintain the tournament's integrity. ESL Pro League Season 18 will take place until October 1, when the event final will be held. The decisive match of the competition will play out in a best-of-three format at 16:00 CET.

However, the tournament operator noted that in the near future it will reveal the fate of the upcoming ESL Pro Tour tournaments. In particular, this refers to IEM Sydney 2023, scheduled to kick off in mid-October.

Notably, before the start of the playoff stage, ESL conducted a survey among the participants regarding the possible organization of the semi-finals and final of the event in CS2. However, it remains undisclosed how the teams reacted to this news and what the final decision was based on.

Yesterday, September 28, Valve announced the full-fledged release of Counter-Strike 2. The new game is presented as a free update to CS:GO.