CS2 big update improves gameplay, sound, animation and more

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 9/27/2023


– Counter-Strike 2 is now available and free to play.
– Season One of Premier has begun.


– Enabled Competitive matchmaking.
– Enabled Wingman matchmaking.
– Enabled Private Matchmaking.
– Added Training Day, a brief introductory experience for brand new players.
– Improved player-against-player movement collision.
– Improved consistency of bullet penetration.
– Player reflections in water are now occluded by smoke.
– Molotov fire now floats above the water.
– Fixed character ambient occlusion being visible through walls.
– C4 bomb lights don't reflect through walls.
– Fixed some rare cases of viewmodel lighting corruption.
– Adjusted smoke behavior to cover cases where smoke would stop less than a player's height above the ground.
– Fix various bugs with switching teams in the middle of offline Deathmatch.
– Fixed Famas reloading too early.
– Chickens can finally fall off Vertigo


– Added the new CS2 default music kit.
– Added new audio customization settings.
– Various mix tweaks and adjustments.
– Various bug fixes related to music kits.
– Updated the game startup sound.
– Added background ambience to main menu scenes.
– Restored the clutch_mode_toggle function.
– Fixed a bug where sometimes c4 defuse and planting sounds could not be heard in certain locations.
– Fixed some surfaces being incorrectly tagged causing incorrect footstep sounds in certain locations.
– Fixed a bug where attackers could not hear headshot feedback through wallbangs or smokes.
– Body damage feedback for attackers will now play within the same distance as it does for onlookers through smokes and wallbangs.
– Fixed a bug where scoping in affected directional sound.
– First person damage sounds are now more impactful.
– Removed several legacy audio convars that existed in CS:GO but never had an effect in CS2.


– Adjusted character additive lean animation.
– Adjusted jump animation, particularly when repeatedly jumping.
– Adjusted jiggle-peeking animation.
– Adjusted animated character head position relative to camera position.
– Added bullet belt to negev.
– Reduced foot sliding when carrying slower weapons.
– Fixed character momentarily standing during crouch-planting animation.
– Fixed incorrect viewmodel deploy speeds.
– Fixed pops in some weapon inspect animations.
– Inspecting weapons may now interrupt deploy animation.


– When one or more party members get convicted of cheating and permanently banned, all their associates will be penalized with loss of Profile Rank and CS Rating.
– In Premier, players with a very high established CS Rating are not allowed to party with accounts that do not have an established CS Rating.


– Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps.
– Adjusted vertical audio occlusion boundaries in Nuke and Vertigo.
– Added an extra bell in Inferno.
– Casual and Deathmatch maps are now separated into multiple map groups.


– CS:GO Players who started playing more than a week ago will receive a commemorative CS:GO coin and CS:GO Music Kit.
– Added Store tab to main menu.
– Enabled all interactions with inventory items.
– Replaced weekly drops with a weekly Care Package. Choose from weapon cases, weapon finishes, and graffiti.
– Added demo playback support.
– Added the ability to favorite and shuffle loadout items.
– Added new item icons.
– Office and Vertigo are available as main menu scenery.
– Various updates for weapon finishes, including fixing overly strong wear on several Custom Paint Job finishes.
– Reworked Phoenix Street Soldier balaclava texture to resolve visibility issues.
– Enabled animated eyes on agent character models.


– Game clients running in workshop tools mode are not allowed to connect to VAC secure game servers.
– Added an all-new help system featuring contextually relevant guides and information. Guides include gray scale value ranges for alpha channel masking, paint-by-number mask color assignments based on current finish type, and much more!
– Removed dynamic props from solid color inspect backgrounds.

Origin: store.steampowered.com