CS2 Developers: "What are you doing next Wednesday?"

The official Counter-Strike Twitter account has shared what appears to be a teaser for the CS2 release date. In an ambiguous message, the developers asked what plans shooter players have for the next Wednesday, September 27.

Fans of the game have taken to social media to speculate about what could happen on the announced date. Most agreed that the full-fledged release of CS2, which is currently in Limited Test, will take place on Wednesday.

In case it’s not a release of a shooter's new version, the community anticipates the launch of an open test, a major update, or the first operation, the preparation of which was previously uncovered by data-miners.

Notably, Valve launched Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test back in March of this year. According to the American company's announcement, the release has to take place before the end of summer, which, in the United States, extends through September.

Origin: twitter.com