Analysts: CS:GO sales brought Valve record for Steam $6.7 billion

Valve earned $6.7 billion from CS:GO sales, which is a record for games sold on Steam. This information was shared by the analytical service Gamalytic.

PUBG is a runner-up, having brought $4.3 billion, while Apex Legends completes the top 3, as its sales amounted to $1.1 billion. Besides CS:GO, these are the only games, revenue from which exceeded $1 billion.

According to the source, CS:GO has sold 542 million copies since its release. This is several times as many as PUBG and Apex Legends, which have sold 123 million and 49 million copies, respectively.

Notably, Gamalytic statistics may differ from the actual Steam data on sales. In their research, analysts used their own algorithm, which is based on many different indicators.

Valve released CS:GO in August 2012. Over time, this game has become one of the most popular games in the world and has established itself as a leading esports discipline. Initially, CS:GO was a paid game, but since December 2018 it has become free-to-play.