Half of CS2 Premier matches played on Mirage and Inferno

Mirage and Inferno are the most popular maps in Premier mode of Counter-Strike 2. This is supported by the statistics from the analytical service CSGOStats.gg.

The sample included matches of CS2 Limited Test that were played from September 1 to 7. According to the statistics, Mirage was picked by players in 27.12% of games. The second most popular map is Inferno, which was picked 21.44% of the times. Almost half of all matchmaking games were played on these two maps.

In turn, the least popular map is Anubis, as it was picked in only 4.07% of matches.

Earlier, the Leetify service discovered that the majority of CS2 Beta Season participants have a CS Rating of about 8K. Around 9.6% of players sit at this value.

Origin: twitter.com