CS2 update fixes many bugs and improves sounds

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 9/13/2023


– Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps.


– Various fixes for molotov/incendiary grenades.
– Various fixes for smoke grenades.
– Fixed damage indicators for fire damage.
– Adjusted first-person sniper contrails to reflect shot accuracy.
– Various adjustments to lag compensation.
– Replaced player elevation indicators on the radar with look directions.


– Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements.


– Audio mix changes and tweaks.
– Lowered occlusion and distance effects for gunfire, footsteps and reloads.
– Slight increase to stereo spread.
– Fixed a bug where incorrect footstep and jump land sounds would play on elevated edges.
– Fixed a bug where music would stop playing at the end of deathmatch.


– Changed armor number in buy menu from amount you currently have to amount you can buy.
– Various fixes for weapon finishes, gloves, and stickers.
– Water rendering performance improvements.
– Added nametag positions for all knife models.
– Allow adjusting individual player voice volumes.
– Various HUD bug fixes and tweaks.
– Added option to disallow animated avatars.
– Removed several legacy networking convars that existed in CS:GO but never had an effect in CS2.