One of CS2 Beta Season leaders accused of gaining CS Rating with cheater's help

A player under the nickname RUSTIC, who is currently one of the ten Beta Season leaders with "gold" CS Rating, achieved his result with a help of a cheater friend. Data-miner Thour shared this via his Twitter account.

RUSTIC is currently World Ranked No. 8 with CS Rating of 30.776. Notably, he is the only player on World Leaderboard with a 100% winrate, as he has played an unbeaten streak of 91 games.

Such an impressive result was made possible due to teaming up with a cheater, Thour found out. To confirm his words, he posted a clip of a match where RUSTIC plays on the same team with a blant cheater.

At the same time, Thour stated that current World Ranked No. 11, a player under the nickname VeNoM 026 - FiRe - ftw, is also a cheater. Another player from the Asian region is confidently approaching "gold" CS Rating and currently sits at 29.457 points.