TheMongolz reveal fifth player

Mongolian roster TheMongolz announced signing of Munkhbold "Senzu" Azbayar. The 17-year-old replaced Chinguun "hasteka" Bayarmaa, who departed the team a few days earlier.

Previously, Senzu competed for NKT, with which he spent a year and a half and won several local events. However, last summer, Azbayar was benched for gambling away teammates' skins.

The next big tournament for the Mongolian team will be BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2023 Americas. In addition, the team competes in the group stage of ESL Challenger League Season 46 Asia-Pacific.

 TheMongolz's s current lineup is:

 Garidmagnai "⁠bLitz⁠" Byambasuren
 Sodbayar "⁠Techno⁠" Munkhbold
 Usukhbayar "910" Banzragch
 Ayush "mzinho" Batbold
 Munkhbold "Senzu" Azbayar

 Erdenedalai "⁠maaRaa⁠" Bayanbat (coach)