FC Flamengo returns to pro scene

Brazilian football club Flamengo announced their return to the professional Counter-Strike scene. After a four-month absence, Flamengo signed four players and a coach.

The club's new roster includes Caio "zqkS" Fonseca, Vinicius "vinaabEAST" Santos and Lucas "steel" Lopes. In addition, Matias "HUASOPEEK" Ibañez Hernandez was loaned from 9z. Matheus "KAOS" Nicolau, who led Flamengo's previous squad, became the team's coach. The club is currently looking for a fifth man.

Flamengo signed their first CS:GO roster at the end of 2022. However, the lineup disbanded in April, prompting the club to rebuild the roster.

The main achievement of the former Flamengo roster was participation in the RMR tournament for BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, where they placed 9th-12th.

 Flamengo's current lineup is:

Caio "zqkS" Fonseca
Vinicius "vinaabEAST" Santos
Lucas "steel" Lopes
Matias "HUASOPEEK" Ibañez Hernandez

Matheus "KAOS" Nicolau (coach)

Origin: twitter.com