Falcons and MIBR relegated from Gamers8 2023

Falcons and MIBR got relegated from Gamers8 2023, having been defeated in the Round of 16. While the European team lost to Heroic (18:22 on Mirage and 10:16 on Nuke), the Brazilians got bested by Vitality (7:16 on Anubis and 8:16 on Inferno).

As a result, Falcons and MIBR placed 9th-16th, securing $15,000 each. At the same time, Heroic and Vitality advanced to the quarter-finals of the event. The Danish team will face GamerLegion, while Vitality will face the winner of the match between NAVI and FURIA.

The matchday at Gamers8 2023 will end with two matches: Liquid – ENCE and NAVI – FURIA.

The current Gamers8 2023 bracket looks as follows:

The full schedule and live broadcast of Gamers8 2023 can be found on the tournament page via this link.