BIG and MOUZ through to Thunderpick World Championship 2023

BIG and MOUZ secured tickets to Thunderpick World Championship 2023. The rosters reached the final of the first European qualifier, thus receiving invites to the upcoming CS2 online event.

In the final stages of the qualifier, BIG defeated Sprout, ALTERNATE aTTaX and Looking4Org, while MOUZ got the best of Sampi, 500 and Eternal Fire. Tomorrow the teams will determine the winner of the qualifier, which will receive the higher seeding.

Thunderpick World Championship 2023 is scheduled to play out from October 27 to November 5 online. The tournament will feature a prize pool of $500,000, which will be paid out in Bitcoins.

The team list for Thunderpick World Championship 2023 looks as follows:

 Direct invite #3
 Direct invite #4
 Direct invite #5
 Direct invite #6
 Direct invite #7
 Direct invite #8
 Europe qualifier winner #3
 Europe qualifier winner #4
 North America qualifier winner #3
 North America qualifier winner #4