Astralis unveil new female roster

Danish organization Astralis has announced via its official website an updated female roster built around IGL Aurora "aurora" Lyngdal and coach Søren "zibron" Geertsen.

The new players of Astralis fe are Josefina "Josefine" Jensen, Anja "anja" Soelberg, Marie "maliTy" Kragelund Holm and Ellen Marie "marie" Ellen Toft Sørensen.

The updated roster will debut at the open qualifier for ESL Impact Season 4, which will take place in mid-August.

Current  Astralis fe's lineup looks as follows:

Aurora "aurora" Lyngdal
Josefina "Josefine" Jensen
Anja "anja" Soelberg
Marie "maliTy" Kragelund Holm
Ellen Marie "marie" Toft Sørensen

Søren "zibron" Geertsen (coach)