trace to lead Into the Breach

British club Into the Breach have announced signing of Martin "trace" Heldt as their new coach. The Danish skipper will replace Gustavo "Juve" Alexandre, who left his position a few days earlier.

In the past, trace has worked with Singularity and ECSTATIC, and also led Astralis' academy roster. Heldt's previous place of work was the main roster of the Danish grand, with which he managed to secure second place at Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022, and also reach the semi-finals of IEM Cologne 2022.

Notably, this is not the only roster change for Into the Breach, as yesterday, August 3, the club unexpectedly bid farewell to Adam "NEOFRAG" Zouhar. As it became known later, rash jokes of the esports athlete were the reason for this decision.

Current  Into the Breach's lineup looks as follows:

 Cai "⁠CYPHER⁠" Watson
 Joey "⁠CRUC1AL⁠" Steusel
 Karol "⁠rallen⁠" Rodowicz
 Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras

Martin "trace" Heldt (coach)