Thour notes poor water optimization on CS2 Anubis

Data-miner Thour found out about poor water optimization on Anubis in CS2. Via his Twitter account, he shared a performance assessment of the map, which was added to the Limited Test with the latest update.

According to the published information, the average FPS on Anubis drops from 250 to 160 frames per second when looking at the water. In addition, when moving, it drops to 105. Thus, the game's performance plummets by 58%.

Thour also measured FPS at the A site in the waterfall area. There, the data-miner discovered a drop from 290 to 60 frames per second. In addition, the frame time increases to 18ms, which negatively affects the gameplay.

Earlier, Thour also discovered that the performance on the overhauled Overpass in Counter-Strike 2 is 60% lower than in CS:GO.