NAVI to assemble English-speaking academy roster

Ukrainian organization NAVI announced via their official website changes in their youth roster NAVI Junior. The club will assemble an international team, for which they have opened a vacancy to find a new coach.

It was reported that the former roster will continue to play under the NAVI Youth tag, from which in the future they will be able to get into the main academy team.

It is unknown what criteria will be prioritised for the search of new players. However, it is known that the club is considering an experienced coach or a former professional esports athlete who competed as the IGL before.

NAVI Youth's current lineup is:

 Mark "UNBR0KEN" Varakuta
 Dmytro "Dem0N" Myroshnychenko
 Adam "froz1k" Nahornyi
Nikita "nikitea" Chakhovskiy
 Yuri "rendY" Galishyn

 Igor "crush" Shevchenko (coach)