HUNDEN finds new home as coach

Danish organization Sashi announced signing of Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen as a coach. The infamous skipper will form a roster as part of the project's restructuring.

HUNDEN first became known as a player. Competing for Tricked and MAD Lions, he managed to win several big tournaments, as well as prove himself at the tier 1 scene.

In 2020, Petersen ended his career as player and headed Heroic's roster. In few months, the Dane helped the team to win a number of online events, but quickly got banned for using a coaching bug. Shortly after returning in April 2021, HUNDEN found himself in a new scandal, after leaking Astralis' tactics and receiving another punishment from ESIC.

The Dane returned to the pro scene only at the beginning of 2023, joining Astralis as a head analyst. However, recently Petersen departed the organization after a number of bad results from the team.

Now HUNDEN will assemble a new Sashi roster around Mikkel "n1xen" Borlund. Note that the club recently appointed their former coach Allan "Rejin" Petersen to the position of Sports Director.

Sashi's current lineup is:

Mikkel "n1xen" Borlund

Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen (coach)