Vorborg steps down as Evil Geniuses' coach

Daniel "Vorborg" Vorborg has announced that he steps down as Evil Geniuses' coach. The Danish coach spoke about this via his Twitter account, noting that the club decided to move in a different direction.

Vorborg became Evil Geniuses' coach last summer. Together with the team, he managed to take part in IEM Rio Major 2022. However, under his leadership, Evil Geniuses did not achieve any significant success, missing the majority of the big tournaments of the first season of 2023.

According to the latest rumors, the North American organization intends to return Damien "maLeK" Marcel to the role of coach. Note that the Frenchman already led the team at the beginning of 2022, but departed the club in the spring. Nevertheless, maLeK managed to return to the organization, taking on the role of strategic coach.

It remains to be seen in what form Evil Geniuses' roster will kick off the new season. Given recent rumors, all the club's negotiations on the transfer of newcomers fell through, so they may assemble a lineup with academy players.

Origin: twitter.com