CS2 update 08.06.2023


– Added Mirage as an option for the main menu scenery map.


– Fixed a regression with weapon recoil on high-punch weapons like MAG-7 sometimes punching weapon view model towards the ground instead of up in the air.
–Improved the look of UMP-45, MAG-7, R8 Revolver, Sawed-Off.


– Fixed legacy models appearing when previewing new weapon paint finishes.


– Fixed a regression where 10-second music cue was sometimes not playing.
– Fixed wooden ladders to play wooden footstep sounds.


– Fixed free armor side-effect of armor refunding.
– Fixed loadout tooltips getting stuck on main menu.
– Fixed a regression with inspecting Huntsman knives.
– Brought back an option to pass number keys through to the game while in buy menu.
– Numerous stability improvements.

Origin: store.steampowered.com