Artificial intelligence predicts results of Challengers Stage at Major

Data miner Thour asked ChatGPT neural network to predict the results of the Challengers Stage at Paris Major 2023. He provided artificial intelligence (AI) with participant statistics, which algorithm used to calculate possible outcomes.

Using's infographics, AI ​​predicted that NIP and G2 would advance to the Legends stage undefeated, while TheMongolz and Fluxo would go in the Major without victories.

According to ChatGPT, FaZe, MOUZ and FORZE (scoreline of 3-1), as well as ENCE, Liquid and Monte (scoreline of 3-2) will advance to the next stage of Paris Major 2023. In turn, GamerLegion, Complexity, paiN, Grayhound, OG and Apeks will be relegated from the Major.

However, the author did not say in what form the AI was provided with data to interpret the statistics of the participating rosters.

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