Cloud9, OG, 9INE and Astralis through to Brazy Party 2023 semi-finals

Brazy Party 2023 quarter-final matches have ended, with Cloud9, OG, 9INE and Astralis advancing to the semi-finals of the online tournament. In turn, paiN, SAW, Into the Breach and Apeks got eliminated from the event, having secured $15K in prizes each.

In the first match of the day, the Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov-led roster bested paiN (16:10 on Ancient and 16:13 on Anubis). Then OG got the best of SAW (16:9 on Anubis and 16:13 on Ancient), while 9INE defeated Into the Breach (16:9 on Vertigo, 16:19 on Ancient and 16:7 on Anubis). In the last quarter-final match, the Danish roster Astralis defeated Apeks (19:17 on Mirage, 12:16 on Overpass and 19:16 on Ancient).

Tomorrow, May 2, the semi-final matches will play out. At 18:00 MSK 9INE and Astralis will face off, while at 21:00 MSK the match between Cloud9 and OG will kick off.

The current Brazy Party 2023 playoff bracket looks as follows:

The full schedule and live broadcast of Brazy Party 2023 can be found on the tournament page via this link.