TeamOne CEO on roster's disband

TeamOne CEO Alexandre "kakaveL" Peres said that the club is currently unable to field a roster due to the leaders' departure. During a broadcast, clips from which were cited by Dust2 Brasil, the head of the organization revealed some information on the situation with the team.

Peres noted that right now TeamOne are moving away from the pro scene as IGL Pedro "Maluk3" Campos has decided to depart the roster. According to him, Campos will return to Brazil to try to assemble a lineup with his teammates.

Maluk3 will no longer compete for TeamOne as he wants to compete alongside iDk and pesadelo. He will return to Brazil and assemble a new roster with them. It is quite possible that they will want to buy out trk and malbsMd to complete the lineup.

The club's CEO also told that the disband of the roster was the reason for the withdrawal from ESL Challenger League Season 45 North America. Nevertheless, kakaveL mentioned that the organization will try to return to the pro scene after the Major, upon assessing the situation on the transfer market.

In mid-April, the TeamOne club announced the departure of Victor "iDk" Torraca and Matheus "pesadelo" Panisset. Since then, the team has not competed in a single official match.