Valve ask teams to use original logos for stickers

Complexity's manager Graham Pitt posted via his Twitter account Valve's letter to teams, which included a request to use original logos for stickers at the upcoming Paris Major 2023. The developer rejected any modifications of the flags and symbols that some well-known clubs have resorted to in the past.

The letter that Valve sent to all rosters competing at the Major, includes a requirement for the submitted logos to match the club's public branding and tournament HUD. The developer added that all bespoke logos designed specifically for Paris Major, as well as logos only used in merchandise will be rejected.

Thus, team stickers at Paris Major 2023 will include only the official clubs' logos used at official broadcasts.

Some clubs have previously resorted to using bespoke logos while competing at the Major. In particular, Liquid added the flags of Canada, the USA, and Brazil to their logo at FACEIT Major 2018, while the G2 logo was painted in the colors of the French flag at IEM Katowice 2019.