NAVI and BIG through to IEM Rio 2023 playoffs; Imperial and MOUZ out

The first playday of IEM Rio 2023 Group A saw NAVI and BIG securing their second victories and advancing to the playoffs of the tournament. In turn, Imperial and MOUZ suffered second losses and were relegated from the tournament.

In the upper bracket, the Black-and-Yellow bested NIP (16:10 on Mirage and 16:13 on Ancient), while the German roster sensationally bested Heroic (14:16 on Vertigo, 16:11 on Nuke and 16:6 on overpass).

At the same time, Imperial lost to the Mongols from TheMongolz (16:3 on Overpass, 12:16 on Inferno and 14:16 on Mirage), and the Mice fell to 9INE (11:16 on Vertigo, 16:9 on Ancient and 10:16 on Nuke).

Group A current bracket is:

The full schedule and live broadcast of IEM Rio 2023 can be found on the tournament page via this link.