KaiR0N-⁠ on Virtus.pro's departure: "The decision was made by the team"

Ex-Virtus.pro player Aleksandr "⁠KaiR0N-⁠" Anashkin commented via his social media accounts on parting ways with the team, outlining the reasons for the failure, and thanking for the support from fans and teammates.

Well, friends, my story with Virtus.pro ends right now. There were a number of events that were not particularly pleasant both for me and for the roster. First of all, we fell short to qualify for the last CS:GO Major. Secondly, roster changes took place, which left me out of competing. In general, I would like to say that the decision was made by the team, since we all failed to cope with the nerves and pressure of the situation at the RMR tournament. I parted ways with the guys and the organization on good terms, there is no resentment between us, everything was honest and transparent.

Now I am a free agent and I am waiting for all kinds of offers. I am open to proposals from teams from North America, Europe and the CIS.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported me in a difficult moment, which were you, Virtus.pro's fans and my personal fans. I am also grateful to my former teammates and everyone who was involved in the fact that I ended up in the organization.

Yesterday, April 14, Virtus.pro announced parting ways with Anashkin. The esports athlete departed the club as a free agent after four months competing for the club.

Origin: vk.com