CEO: "We did not have enough time to seamlessly fit KaiR0N-" CEO Nikolai Petrossian addressed the CS:GO community after the roster lost its chances to qualify for Paris Major 2023. Among other things, he explained in detail the reasons for replacing Aleksander "⁠KaiR0N-⁠" Anashkin with David "n0rb3r7" Danielyan.

He emphasized that the reason for the roster change during the RMR tournament was not KaiR0N-⁠'s visa issues, which, in particular, was reported by the head of the Maincast studio Vitaly "v1lat" Volochay, but the esports athlete's difficulties with adaptation to the team play.

The results of two of the first three matches on RMR turned out to be unacceptable for Therefore, the decision to replace him was made by the coaching staff and agreed with the club's management. It is fair to say that KaiR0N-'s K/D during the tournament was the best in the team — 1.05. But it is also true that CS:GO is a team game where interaction, communication, consistency and other such factors are more important than personal skill. The current CS:GO roster has always been strong with team play and polished tactics. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to seamlessly fit KaiR0N- into this complex mechanism, and the pressure of responsibility on RMR aggravated the situation. Therefore, we decided to take a chance and urgently call n0rb3r7 for the remaining matches. But, unfortunately, too much was missed in the first two game days.

Petrossian added that the lineup for the next tournaments will be announced in the near future.

The team will be preparing for subsequent tournaments, the first of which will be IEM Rio 2023. You will find out our exact roster very soon. We will get back in shape and prepare to return to the top.

n0rb3r7 returned to the roster after the team suffered two defeats at the RMR tournament, which put them one step away from elimination. Together with him, the Bears lost to MOUZ and were relegated from the qualifier for the upcoming Major.