GamerLegion player criticizes RMR seeding system

GamerLegion's AWPer Frederik "acoR" Gyldstrand is dissatisfied with the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR A seeding system. The Dane took it to Twitter to talk about how he does not understand why the organizers use the Buchholz system after the fourth round to determine the roster, which advances to the Legends Stage without having to play a tiebreak.

Who are Legends? Looking at this if Apeks wins against B8, we would be Legends. And the tiebreaker should be played after the seeding games not before.

If Buchholz system has been used the entire tournament, shouldn't that decide it? If not, i don't know what makes sense anymore. It should be an easy decision?

Yesterday, April 9, GamerLegion, Into the Breach and Bad News Eagles secured their third victories at the Europe RMR, having qualified for Paris Major 2023. According to the announced seeding, the British team advanced directly to the Legends Stage, as after the fourth round they scored highest by the Buchholz system.

This became the reason for the Gyldstrand's dissatisfaction, who also called on the organizers to revise the schedule and the seeding rules to calculate the final coefficient after the final round.

A similar incident happened at last year's RMR tournament, when Sprout received a slot at the IEM Rio Major 2022 Legends Stage after four rounds. However, by the end of the qualifier, the roster caught up with Team Spirit in terms of the coefficients.