Coaches encounter headset shortage at Americas RMR Paris Major 2023 Americas RMR continues to throw technical difficulties in the participants' way, as Dust2 Brasil shared via their Twitter account that during tactical pauses, coaches have to talk through the players' microphones.

According to journalist Roque Marques, some coaches' headsets failed, while the new ones haven't been delivered to the venue by start the playday. Some of them used in-ear headphones, but a number of coaches, including Fluxo's Wilton "zews" Prado, used their players' headsets during tactical pauses.

These are not the only difficulties faced by the the America RMR participants. Even on the first playday, the organizers delayed the start of matches for an hour due to a power outage, while the game between Imperial and Evil Geniuses lasted for more than three hours due to server issues.

In the second round's last match between yur and Nouns, the electricity went off again at the venue, but the organizers managed to resume the match after 20 minutes.