IHC comments on players' decision to change tag before RMR event

IHC made via their social media accounts an official statement regarding the players' decision to compete in the Asia RMR under TheMongolZ tag. The club expressed disappointment with the roster's actions, as well as the tournament operator BLAST, which registered the team under new tag.

Our CS:GO team members from IHC Esports have changed teams to register for the tournament. We are disappointed to learn that Blast Premier 2023 made such a significant change and announcement without confirming with our management team whether it was allowed legally. We were not contacted before and were only made aware of this development through the public announcement made by Blast Premier 2023. As a company, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism and sportsmanship in all our endeavors. Our management team is currently investigating the matter and will provide a follow-up statement with more clarity as soon as possible.

It became known on April 3 that IHC's esports athletes will compete at the Asia RMR under TheMongolZ tag. The players did not provide any comments on their decision.

TheMongolZ will kick off the upcoming Major qualifier tomorrow, April 6 at 9:30 MSK. The team's first opponent will be Twisted Minds.

Origin: twitter.com