Developers align Counter-Strike 2 head hitboxes Counter-Strike 2

Blogger Ansimist talked via his Twitter account about Valve's work on aligning the agents' head hitboxes in Counter-Strike 2. According to him, all player models have the same hitbox size.

In the fall, Ansimist posted on his YouTube channel a video, in which he explained the difference in head hitboxes of CS:GO's agents, depending on the faction. The hitbox volume differ by 17%.

However, now the blogger managed to find out that in the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, all models have the same hitbox size. To achieve this, the developers had to increase the head hitbox volume by 4-20%. Now all hitboxes have a capsule shape, whereas hitboxes for feet and hands were boxes before.

The video has English subtitles.

Probably, the developers listened to the community, which called for the fix of the discovered issues. Counter-Strike 2 is currently undergoing Limited Test stage, with selected esport athletes and casual players having access to it.