Heroic in acute need of investment due to financial problems

Heroic needs a substantial cash injection to keep going, as reported by Pley.gg journalists, who highlighted the club's financial struggles after studying management's notice to the shareholders.

In the notice to shareholders, Heroic owner Joachim Haraldsen stressed that the organization needs about $7.5 million to sustain its business until 2025. At the same time, a minimum of $930,000 will be required before summer 2023.

To raise additional funding, Heroic has announced an emergency shareholder meeting scheduled for today, March 20th. The club refused to elaborate on their financial condition with journalists.

Heroic's financial problems are indirectly indicated by the fact that a month ago the organization disbanded their PUBG roster. According to the official press release, this decision was made due to company's restructuring.

Origin: pley.gg