mantuu could have continued his career in NIP and Evil Geniuses

Former OG player and Polish esports athlete, Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski, told in an interview with that he had an opportunity to join NIP and Evil Geniuses.

According to mantuu, negotiations with NIP fell through when the Ninjas got the chance to sign Daniil "headtr1ck" Valitov, while Evil Geniuses intended to bring him into their American roster, which did not work for the AWPer.

As of now, Wilczewski is ready to move to North America. He is confident that he has everything to strengthen any team in this region.

I believe I would improve every single NA team, 100%. Especially coming in from the break in a different environment, I think I could boost any team and also my own individual level. Looking at the EU teams, of course, they are completely different to NA and they have some really strong AWPers, but I'm also looking at the teams there as well.

In an interview, mantuu also emphasized that he is open to offers from teams of any level that have a potential for improvement. He believes that tier 2 and tier 3 have not contacted him, because they expect a refusal.