Complexity CEO: "CS:GO has become far too Europe focused as an esport"

Complexity CEO Jason Lake took it to Reddit to talk about the challenges that North American clubs are facing due to the more developed European CS:GO scene. In particular, he mentioned that teams have to spend most of the year on another continent to be able to compete at the highest level.

Bottom line is CS:GO has become far too EU focused as an esport. Yes, the pandemic played a role in this, but the result is the same. NA based orgs endure a brutal travel schedule that places our players at a constant disadvantage. NA CS:GO is competing against the Valorant ecosystem for eyeballs but many of our broadcast matches are at 5-7 AM our time and we expect NA fans to engage with the content? There needs to be a better balance of events that take place in different regions for CS:GO to remain a T1 esport into the future. NA, in particular, is far too critical to the financial health and well-being of the ecosystem to continually under serve the region.

Complexity's head added to the message of the organization's General Manager, Graham "messioso" Pitt, who shared the North American team's difficult travel schedule: in the last two months alone, the roster has flown 99 times and spent 464 hours (more than 19 days) on the road in general.

In 2023 Complexity competed at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, IEM Katowice 2023 and ESL Pro League Season 17, which all ran in Europe.