Boombl4: "I knew it would be difficult to return to being an IGL after the break"

1WIN’s Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov explained in an interview with the FISSURE studio why he took the rifler role in his new team instead of filling the usual role of the in-game leader. The Russian understood that it would be challenging for him to return to professional scene as an IGL, so he decided to prioritize improving individual skills first.

I understood that after an eight-month break it would be very difficult to return to the IGL role in terms of an individual plan, because I would have to focus on being a captain. That is why it is easier for me to come back as a player first, and then start helping to create game strats or make callouts in some crucial moments.

I worked a lot at the bootcamp and trained individualy, because it's a new role. I'm more like a second caller here. I have more freedom and space, I can train more and do other things individually at the spots. So it's a good fit, I have to keep going. Now there will be enough officials before the qualification for Major.

Boombl4 joined 1WIN in mid-February. Before signing a contract with a new team, he had been inactive since May of last year after departing NAVI’s main roster.

After updating their roster, 1WIN qualified for the upcoming RMR Europe, which will play out from April 6-9. Before of this event starts, the Russians will play at BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic and ESL Challenger League Season 44 Europe, and will aslo try to qualify for ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023.