ESL finalizes investigation into's tournament eligibility

Tournament operator ESL is in the final stages of reviewing the changes of's structure that could potentially lead to the lifting of sanctions that force the club's roster to play under the neutral Outsiders tag as ESL's representatives reported to Escorenews.

We have been reviewing the recent changes in the structure and ownership of and are currently in the process of finalizing this review. If any announcements come out of this, then these will be made in due course.

Last September, the new investor and CEO Aram Karamanukyan announced that he had approached all the leading tournament operators, including ESL, to have his club compete. According to him, he provided documents confirming the change of ownership and exit from the ESforce holding, which was sanctioned due to its connection to the Russian government amid hostilities in Ukraine.

Over the past year,'s roster has not competed in a single CS:GO tournament under its own tag. However, the Bears had the sanctions lifted in other esports disciplines.