Valve and BLAST to pay for coach travel expenses to RMRs

Valve and BLAST will pay for coaches’ travel to the venues of the upcoming RMR events, as revealed by Dust2 Brasil, who obtained a copy of the organizers' letter to the teams.

Valve and BLAST have revisited their earlier decision to pay for five players travel expenses only. Now, funding covers flights, accommodation, visas and meals for at least six team members.

According to the message received by the participants, teams can bring more than six individuals to the RMRs if they require support from a manager or other staff. The organizers are to reimburse expenses for this as well.

The upcoming qualifiers for Paris Major 2023 are scheduled for early April and will be held across three regions. The European RMR will take place in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, from April 6 to 16, the Americas RMR will play out in the Mexican city of Monterrey from April 5 to 9, and the participants of the Asia RMR will compete in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, from April 4 to 8.