r1nkle on RMR event: "B8 is quite capable of beating NAVI"

B8 player Artem "r1nkle" Moroz shared in an interview with Cover.gg his expectations for the upcoming RMR tournament, where he previously made it to with his teammates. At the event, the Ukrainian hopes to face NAVI and believes that with proper preparation, his team is able to best the Black-and-Yellow.

Of course I would like to play against NAVI. If we continue to train hard and fix our mistakes, we have enough time for this, then we are quite capable of beating NAVI. There are no teams that I would not like to face. I think that we can beat everyone with sufficient training and a good game.

What are the chances of qualifying for the Major? Personally, I think the chances are high. We have a very decent group. Moreover, everything is changing significantly in the team, understanding of the game, and so on. I think we will show a respectable result.

B8 will compete at the Europe RMR A, which will be held from April 6-9. Besides NAVI, battling it out for one of eight tickets to BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 B8 will be against MOUZ, fnatic, Outsiders, Bad News Eagles, Sprout, FaZe, Apeks, GamerLegion, OG, Falcons, 1WIN, Into the Breach, Viperio and SAW.

Origin: cover.gg