Valve ends sale of IEM Rio Major 2022 sticker capsules

IEM Rio Major 2022 sticker capsules are no longer available for in-game purchase as the CS:GO developers discontinued their sale a day after the previously promised deadline.

Initially, the last day of sales was scheduled for February 20, but yesterday, February 21, the stickers were still available for purchase. They were sold with a 75% discount and cost ₽18 ($0.25) per capsule.

Valve released IEM Rio Major 2022 capsules nine days before the start of the tournament, on October 22. The stickers were divided into the "Legends", "Contenders" and "Challengers" categories, with the "Champions" capsule, containing autographs of Outsiders players, released after the end of the event.

IEM Rio Major 2022, which was held in Brazil from October 31 to November 13, saw 24 teams competing for a total prize pool of $1.25 million. In the grand final, Outsiders defeated Heroic in a 2:0 fashion.