Evil Geniuses' coach takes blame for failure at BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 qualifier

Evil Geniuses' coach Daniel "Vorborg" Vorborg commented on Twitter on his team's disastrous performance at the closed qualifier for the Americas RMR event. The specialist noted that the squad's bad results are his fault.

Vorborg also spoke up in defense of EG's management, which, amidst the roster's failures, faced criticism from part of the CS:GO community.

Thanks for all the support. I've seen you guys giving to me and the players. And most of the criticism we receive is fair. However I've been reading a lot about the EG management, and wanted to add something. EG management has been nothing but extremely supportive of me, even when I don't believe I've deserved it, and never added pressure. To suggest that we can't perform because of a couple of tweets is outlandish to me. The team should be performing better, and it's my responsibility we haven't. As long as I'm still the head coach of EG, I will continue to do everything in my ability to pay back the trust, support and resources invested into me by EG.

Speaking of Evil Geniuses' management, Vorborg was likely referring to Lindsey Migliore, Director of Performance. This year, among other things, she criticized the commentators for being biased towards the team, and during the qualifiers for the RMR event, she wrote that EG’s project with three lineups is working and drawing additional attention to the North American scene.

At the closed qualifier for the Americas RMR, Evil Geniuses lost to such opponents as yur, MIBR and TeamOne, resulting in them finishing their run in the qualifying cycle for the upcoming Major.

Origin: twitter.com