Rumors: Steam support staff involved in skin theft scheme

Steam support staff were found to be in cahoots with scammers engaged in stealing skins from abandoned accounts, according to the author of the Mzkshow YouTube channel.

Based on the blogger's information, which were partially disclosed in his video, the skin theft scheme was orchestrated by an individual named Alexander, who received assistance from a Valve employee whose identity remains undisclosed. The fraudsters found abandoned accounts with a particularly valuable inventory, extracted confidential information from Steam's database, after which gained access to the skins, deleting the account of the actual owner.

As an example, the investigation's author provided a screenshot of the "withdrawal" of skins worth over $320,000. The most notable items were passed on to major collectors through the industry's well-known figures, Anomaly and Zipel, while the majority of the stolen inventory was put up for sale on trading platforms outside of Steam.

At present, the fraudulent duo's activities have been halted, but the fact remains that other individuals are engaging in similar practices. This scheme has led to checks within Valve, the results of which will be revealed in a separate video on the Mzkshow channel.