Grayhound, Rare Atom and IHC qualify for Asia RMR

Grayhound, Rare Atom and IHC will take part in the Asia RMR event. These teams advanced to the qualifying tournament for Paris Major 2023 after their successful runs at the regional closed qualifiers.

Grayhound became the winners of the Oceania qualifier, where they secured consecutive victories over KZG, Antic and Encore. Another spot from the Pacific region will be battled out tomorrow, February 19, in the Encore – VERTEX matchup.

The current results of the Oceania closed qualifier are:

Rare Atom booked their berth as the best team from the closed qualifier for China. They triumphed against TYLOO, Take me away and Lynn Vision, who are the contenders for a second ticket from the region.

The current results of the closed qualifier for China look as follows:

The Asia qualifier had nobody coming close to the level of IHC, who defeated Kintsugi, Vladivostok and Eruption. Facing off for the final spot at the RMR event will be NKT, Renewal and Eruption.

The current results of the Asia closed qualifier are:

In addition to the winners of the closed qualifiers for Oceania, China and Asia, the upcoming RMR tournament will feature the top two teams from the Middle East qualifier, set to be held February 24-26.