Matches featuring NAVI were the most popular at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 

All five matches that NAVI played at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 ranked among the top 5 most viewed games of the tournament, according to information provided by analytical service Esports Charts. 

The most popular confrontation of the concluded event was the bout between NAVI and G2 in the Group C grand final, which peaked at 398,000 viewers. Another match that exceeded the 300,000 viewer mark also featured Natus Vincere versus G2, in the lower bracket final. 

The top 5 matches of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 with the highest peak viewer count are: 

1.  NAVI –  G2, Group C (398,275)
2.  NAVI –  G2, Group C (370,624)
3.  NIP –  NAVI, Group C (294,367)
4.  NAVI –  Complexity, Gauntlet stage (274,237)
5.  NIP –  NAVI, Group C (260,313)

The broadcasts of the concluded tournament were watched by an average of 152,484 viewers, with this statistic taking into account data from all sites excluding Chinese streaming platforms. 

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 took place from January 19 to 29. Following the conclusion of the tournament, tickets to BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 have been secured by NAVI, Astralis, FaZe, G2, Vitality and Heroic.