BLAST announces format and dates of qualifiers for upcoming RMR events

The organizers of Paris Major 2023 have unveiled the details of the qualifiers for the upcoming RMR tournaments, which are scheduled for early April. The qualifying events for Europe, the Americas and Asia will be playing out concurrently from February 13 to 26 and will feature open and closed stages.

In the closed qualifiers, half of the invites will be determined through Valve's Regional Standings, while the rest of the spots will go to finalists of the regional-wide open qualifiers. 16 teams will receive invites in Europe, in the Americas, those will be 8 North American and 8 South American representatives, while in Asia, 4 invitations are allocated to Asia, Oceania, China and the Middle East.

The top 16 teams from the last Major, IEM Rio Major 2022, will be heading straight to the RMRs, bypassing the qualifier stage. Accordingly, Outsiders, Heroic, MOUZ, Cloud9, fnatic, Team Spirit, NAVI, BIG, Bad News Eagles, ENCE, Sprout, Vitality, FaZe and NIP were invited to the European RMR, while FURIA and Liquid were granted direct entry in the Americas RMR.

The schedule of qualifiers for the RMR tournaments is as follows:


February 13-14 – Open qualifier
February 15-19 – Closed qualifier RMR A (9 spots)
February 15-19 – Closed qualifier RMR B (9 spots)


February 21-22 – North America open qualifier
February 21-22 – South America open qualifier
February 23-26 – North America closed qualifier (7 spots)
February 23-26 – South America closed qualifier (7 spots)


February 15-16 – Asia open qualifier
February 15-16 – Oceania open qualifier
February 15-16 – China open qualifier
February 17-19 – Asia closed qualifier (2 spots)
February 17-19 – Oceania closed qualifier (2 spots)
February 17-19 – China closed qualifier (2 spots)
February 22-23 – Middle East open qualifier
February 24-26 – Middle East closed qualifier (2 spots)

A detailed scheme of the qualifying cycle for Paris Major 2023 is explained by the organizers in this video: