Krimbo on BIG's goals for 2023: "We want to be an active playoff contender"

Player Karim "Krimbo" Moussa spoke in an interview with analyst Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg about his team's goals for 2023. According to the young German esports athlete, already in the second half of the year he and his teammates expect to be contenders for the decisive stages of all tournaments.

So the first thing is consistency. Getting back into the top 10, staying there, keep evolving in these tournaments and also being a playoff contender. We'll be playing the Play-In at IEM Katowice 2023, and step by step we want to qualify for the main tournament. At least in the mid of the year or in the second half of the year, we want to be an active playoff contender, really fight for the playoffs.

IEM Katowice 2023, which will be the first tournament for BIG this year, will run in Poland from January 31 to February 12. The prestigious championship will see 24 teams compete for a prize pool of $1 million.