Spiidi and slaxz- join ALTERNATE aTTaX

ALTERNATE aTTaX have announced via their social media accounts the signings of Timo "⁠Spiidi⁠" Richter and Fritz "⁠slaxz-⁠" Dietrich. The German players completed the team's roster for the new competitive season.

The rookie duo joined ALTERNATE aTTaX as free agents. In the starting five, the esports players replaced Max "⁠PANIX⁠" Hangebruch and Patrick "⁠pdy⁠" Merken.

Spiidi and slaxz- are best known for their time with Sprout. The former spent four years in the club before leaving last fall and subsequently playing for cowana, while the latter parted ways with the previous team a month ago after a two-year cooperation.

ALTERNATE aTTaX's announcement denied the rumors about the organization leaving the CS:GO pro scene, which appeared in the German media at the end of last month. Now the revamped squad are preparing for CCT South Europe Series 2, their first tournament this year.

 ALTERNATE aTTaX's current lineup is:

Michalis "⁠awzek⁠" Napoloni
 Lukas "⁠FreeZe⁠" Hegmann
 Paul "⁠PerX⁠" von Erdmannsdorff
 Timo "⁠Spiidi⁠" Richter
 Fritz "⁠slaxz-⁠" Dietrich

 Sebastian "⁠xenn⁠" Hoch (coach)

Origin: twitter.com