Aurora round out roster for new competitive season

Aurora have revealed on their social media accounts the revamped lineup for the 2023 season. The final newcomer to the team in the ongoing off-season is 19-year-old esports athlete Ivan "SELLTER" Miroshnikov.

Miroshnikov began his professional career in 2019. Since then, he has played for several Russian teams, the most popular of which are Unique and Singularity, but has not been able to achieve any significant success.

The signing of SELLTER has completed the rebuild of the Aurora roster, from which Amin "⁠sugaR⁠" Azimov, Aleksandr "⁠KaiR0N-⁠" Anashkin and Evgeny "⁠delus1onn⁠" Plottsov were previously removed. Besides Miroshnikov, the Russian team was joined by Aleksandr "KENSI" Gurkin and Vladislav "latt1kk" Vydrin.

As of now, there are no scheduled tournaments on Aurora's calendar.

 Aurora's current lineup is:

 Viktor "⁠Lack1⁠" Boldyrev
 Aleksandr "⁠KENSI⁠" Gurkin
 Evgeny "⁠Norwi⁠" Ermolin
 Vladislav "latt1kk" Vydrin

 Sergey "⁠starix⁠" Ischuk (coach)