"As a player, I stood out only at two or three tournaments". Jame sums up 2022

Outsiders' in-game leader Dzhami "Jame" Ali has summed up 2022 in a video on his YouTube channel and, among other things, commented on his own performance. He believes that over the past twelve months he has shown a high level of play at only a few tournaments.

What can I say about my getting into the top 20 of HLTV.org’s ranking? I can say that for me personally there is nothing extraordinary or cool about it. On the one hand, I did not hope to end up there at all, because the year was a failure. As a player, I stood out only at two or three tournaments. I've been consistent but I've also had a lot of failed tournaments. For example, the last BLAST. That was my worst tournament in the last two years, and it gives me a hard slap in the face from an individual point of view.

In 2022, the main achievement of Outsiders under Jame's leadership was the victory at IEM Rio Major 2022, which the Russian finished as the most valuable player. Besides, the team won three tier-2 events: ESL Challenger February 2022, EPL Season 16 Conference and ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2022.

Outsiders ended the year with a disastrous performance at BLAST Premier World Final 2022, where they finished in last place. Nonetheless, the squad remains among the leaders of the world ranking, currently occupying the second position.

Origin: youtu.be