HooXi on his critics: "I don't know if proved people wrong yet"

G2's in-game leader Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen believes that winning BLAST Premier World Final 2022 will not help him get rid of criticism from a part of the audience that pays attention to his poor individual performance. The Dane discussed this topic on the HLTV Confirmed podcast.

I don't know if proved people wrong yet. I think there is a long way to go still. Yeah [I won a big event], but at the same time I didn't qualify for the Major, so it kind of balanced this out. Winning a title won't prove people wrong in that sense. I still feel like we have to do it consistently to prove people wrong.

Nielsen added that increased attention from the fans came as a surprise to him. After moving to G2, he expected to remain in the shadow of his more stellar teammates.

I don’t know if I'm the most spoken about. I feel like there's still s1mple and ZywOo. I guess, at least that's one top list I can get it to. Definitely, I didn't expect to get this much attention playing on the roster with NiKo and all these other star names. I thought I would try to hide in the shadows if I could.

HooXi has been playing for G2 since August of this year. After a series of unsuccessful tournaments, the team under his leadership managed to win the prestigious BLAST Premier World Final 2022, in the grand final of which they defeated Liquid.

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