NAVI's charity tournament schedule revealed

NAVI have unveiled the schedule of the BORN TO BE BRAVE charity tournament. The championship will take place today, December 22, featuring representatives of various elite teams.

The participants are split into four rosters based on their roles: AWPers (ONE SHOT), IGLs (RUSH A RUSH B), support players (U SHALL NOT PASS) and riflers (GO KILL). The compositions can be found in the article via this link.

BORN TO BE BRAVE will be held in the Single Elimination format with best-of-one semifinals and a best-of-three grand final. The event will begin at 15:50 MSK with the ONE SHOT – U SHALL NOT PASS match, continue at 17:05 MSK with the second semifinal between GO KILL and RUSH A RUSH B and end with the decisive confrontation, which is scheduled to kick off at 18:30 MSK.

The tournament will be covered by esports studio Maincast in English and Ukrainian, with live broadcasts by community streamers also being available in other languages.

NAVI organized the tournament as part of the celebration of the organization's 13th birthday. The Ukrainian club has announced a fundraiser for the UNITED24 charitable fund to provide medical assistance to Ukrainian residents affected by the war. Various prizes will be raffled away among donators, including skins, gaming devices, NAVI merchandise, a meeting with Natus Vincere's star Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and a trip to the next Major with the team.