CS:GO Update Release Notes for 16/12/2022: Changes on Anubis and Ancient


– Fixed some spots where guns would fall through the world near canal.
– Fixed grenades falling through floor on A site fountain.
– Fixed surface properties on models to prevent bullet penetration.
– Adjusted grenade clips throughout map.
– Adjusted player clipping throughout map.
– Reduced size of trim at mid.
– Added collision to signs.
– Closed various pixel gaps.
– Minor optimizations.

– Increased bomb radius to 650 from 500.
– Flattened out cubbies in red house top of mid.
– Pushed back CT spawn 256 units, delaying CTs ~1 sec.
– Compressed blocky things on B site, to create longer sightlines and more space to move around.

– Fixed various clipping issues.
– Fixed non-solid walls by T entrance.
– Removed traffic cone on site.
– Added bucket to heaven to block sight line.
– May Contain Nuts.

– Included missing nav.
– Clipped exploits.

Origin: blog.counter-strike.net