B1ad3: "In my plans, npl will continue to play with the main team for next year"

NAVI's coach Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy gave an interview to Pley.gg after the elimination from BLAST Premier World Final 2022, in which he spoke about the future of his squad. In particular, he said that in the next season he intends to continue testing the member of the Ukrainian club's academy team Andrii "npl" Kukharskyi, who was brought in as a sixth player for the tournament that for the Black-and-Yellow side has already come to an end.

I think he [npl] did good. He played Inferno, not so good, then he played a much better Inferno. I think, considering his experience, he did good. I think we must give him more chances. At a distance, we must see how the dynamics of his evolution will be. <...> In my plans, he will continue to play with the main team for next year.

B1ad3 also spoke about the difficulties of Denis "electroNic" Sharipov as a team IGL. According to NAVI's skipper, the captain needs a consistent five that will adapt to his style of leading.

I think he [electroNic] is relying more on a stable fifth player. And I think he just needs to have a stable lineup to start to improve. At a distance, I mean. But I think, at some point, it's hard for him because naturally he is a mid round caller. He's a good caller but he needs players who understand the game and can help him during the match because he cannot speak constantly. For example, he can say an idea and he just wants the players to understand so he could be more focused on his game. At the moment, I think, if our players will be more on the same page with him, during mid round, I think everything will be much better.

NAVI finished BLAST Premier World Final 2022 in 5-6th place. In the quarterfinals of the $1 million competition, the electroNic-led squad lost to Liquid 1:2.

Origin: youtu.be